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Personal Auto     

     An personal automobile insurance policy is an agreement between a consumer (or an insured) and an insurance company (an insurer), which is designed to protect the consumer's financial interest if a covered loss occurs.  Each contract is tailored to the needs of the insured, stipulating who will be eligible to use theh policy, when the policy will be considered active or in force, how claims for bodily injury and property damage will be addressed, and how the company will respond to lawsuits against the insured.

     Most people drive every day, in order to drive legally, states require insurance on your car in case of accident.  The type and amount of insurance varies, if you do not carry insurance you may lose your driving privileges.

Business Auto

  As a business owner, the vehicles you use in your business are your lifeblood. Just like you would never consider going on a job without all the necessary tools of your trade, you should never consider driving your business vehicle without the right insurance coverage.  

  Commercial auto insurance is one of the most important aspects of your business insurance program. You will always want to provide your business insurance professional with a complete picture of your vehicle use.  

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