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     A Business Owners Policy (BOP) bundles property and liability insurance into one policy, however, the liability coverage limits are generally pretty low.  Businesses that need more coverage usually purchase liability insurance as a separate policy.  The amount of coverage a business needs can depend on other factors.

     Taking precautions before an accident can help keep your liability and insurance rates down.  All businesses can take  certain steps to lower the chance of a liability insurance claim.  Set a high standard for product quality control; Make sure all company records are complete and up-to-date; Be sure employess are properly trained; Get safety tips for your type of business from Haynes Insurance Agency.

     Workplace injuries affected thousands of employees and cost U.S. companies billions of dollars.  Chances are, your firm will eventually have to deal with a workplace injury, which means that you will also have to deal with worker's compensation claim.

     Think of workers comp as a legal compromise in return for compensating employees who require medical treatment or who miss work due to a workplace injury, employers avoid potentially costly lawsuits.  Worker's compensation also protects employees who might not be able to support themselves or their families because of a work-related injury. ​

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