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     Renters insurance had once been thought of as irrelevant or a waste of money.  In today's unpredictable times it is in your best interest to have the protection you need for yourself and your valuables.  

     Renters insurance provide you with protection against personal liability as well as losses and damage to your personal possessions.  It is important to understand your policy and the coverage it provides, beforeyou need it.  

     Renters insurance protects your personal  property  when you live in an apartment or other rentals. You alone are responsible for anything that happens to your belingings, not your landlord.  Property Insurance vs Renters Insurance-- Your landlord has insurance on your rental that will cover the structure and everything else attached to the rental, but not your personal items.  For example, if there's a fire, your landlord will have insurance to replace the damages to your apartment and maybe all the appliance inside.  However, you're on your own when it comes to your computeror dining room set.  Renters insurance is whatyou need to cover damages to your personal property.

     You need enough insurance to at least replace your personal property. One way to estimate how much you need is take an inventory of what you own.  Make a list of what's worth keeping,list the market vaule and total your costs, your policy should already include liability protection.  If you don't feel your things are worth much or if you're not sure how much insurance you need, start with a $15,000 policy.  You'll be amazed how much you may accumulate over the course of your lease agreement.  Not having renters insurance is very risky.  It may take you many years to get your money back if you suffer damages or worse, get sued.  

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